Escape to your sanctuary in the woods

Wed, 05/28/2014 - 09:26

There are cabins scattered in the woods of the world for all sorts of purposes. Some can be a vacation retreat while others an office to simply get away to work with some peace of mind. However, a new structure may soon be found scattered in between the trees of remote vacation destinations like cabins if designer Antony Gibbons has anything to say about it.

Gibbons has designed what he calls a Nook, which resembles a twist between Native American teepees and wigwams, reported Gizmag. This small sustainable cabin has a few advantages over its rectangular counterparts. It has the ability to be set up on a variety of previously unsuitable terrain such as slopes, coasts and forests. Thanks to recycled plastic containers stored underneath it, the Nook can even float on water, making it significantly more adaptable than stationary cabins.

The Nook is built using the wooden materials in the area for the main frame and paneling. Its angled structure allows it to be minimally affected by the weather. By using large openings, the Nook is completely naturally lit, according to Inhabitat.

This design is not set in stone, and Gibbons is open to adjustments for the dimensions. He even has plans to create a Nook with a second floor. Full bathrooms can be installed as well, leaving one to wonder what other improvements can be made to make this cabin even more sustainable. Installing radiant heaters for floor heating would be a very viable option for an efficient warming system, for example, if the structure was located in colder climates.

By implementing more energy-efficient designs and technologies into the cabin, Gibbons and other designers could create an eco-friendly abode nestled in nature with low impact on the environment around it.