Eco-conscious celebs embrace radiant heating

Thu, 01/09/2014 - 11:12

Not all celebrities value extravagance over the environment. In fact, many are putting their influence to good use by emphasizing energy-efficient design elements. For example, Brad Pitt has worked with the Make It Right Foundation, which leverages the expertise of top architects to build sustainable houses at a reasonable cost for communities that need to cut costs. These stars aren't just using their weight to inspire change, though - they are embracing more environmentally-friendly methods in their own homes as well.Tom Brady
Los Angeles Confidential Magazine reported that New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady's home with supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen is one such abode that is breaking ground in the green living realm. Their 14,000-square-foot home in the Pacific Palisades includes a multitude of energy-efficient systems such as insulated walls, solar power and, most importantly, radiant heating. The news outlet noted that while these technologies all required an up-front investment, the initial cost definitely could pay off in the long run. In fact, a typical radiant home can see 25 percent energy savings over one with conventional forced heat."You can do a larger home and make it eco-friendly," explained architect Richard Landry of Landry Design Group, as quoted by the magazine. "Aesthetically there was no compromise."Brian Cranston
Another celeb that has embraced radiant heating is Bryan Cranston. The "Breaking Bad" star's beach house in Southern California was previously a military housing property in the 1940s. Now, with the help of expert designers, the home has been transformed into an eco-chic mansion. In fact, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the remodeled property meets both the LEED Platinum and Passive House U.S. certification, which requires minimal use of fossil fuels. In addition to radiant heated floors, Cranston's house features photovoltaic solar panels, rain water collection, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, appliances and other green elements.Of course, energy and cost savings are a major benefit that comes with making the switch to radiant heating. However, another reason that both regular people and celebrities are embracing this method is that it can improve the look of their homes. Panels with high conductivity mean the surface of your floor is heated at a more even temperature, which reduces the risk of any aging or damage. Not only that, but radiant heating eliminates the need for unsightly baseboard radiators or air vents, which can hinder your interior design freedom. With a floor heating system, you have total flexibility and control over where you place your furniture, artwork and other decor.