Make radiant heating as green as possible with wood chips

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 13:43

Radiant heaters lower the amount of energy needed to warm houses regardless of what material is used to produce the heat. However, in the quest for sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle, homeowners and business owners alike have the chance to choose what they burn to fuel the best heating system. Oil and gas are typical solutions and their costs are minimal thanks to the efficiency of radiant heaters, but it's possible to use a greener alternative to further reduce a building's carbon footprint on the world.

Wood chips are a great way to lower homeowners' reliance on fossil fuels while still gaining all the benefits of floor heating. Not only will heated floor systems run more efficiently than traditional forced-air heaters, they'll burn as clean as possible.

The benefits of wood chipsWhile some people might have images of a smoky log burning in a fireplace and wonder how wood chips are better than fossil fuels, modern wood chips are far cleaner than burning a pile of lumber, according to EcoHeat Solutions. Instead of burning them, they're cooked to get the most energy out of each piece.

Not only that, but wood chips are also much cheaper than other methods of heating, costing as much as 60 percent less, the source stated. Unlike oil and gas, this material isn't affected by world markets or inflation. The technology is already established throughout the world - Europe already has over 1 million installations spread out over the continent.

Over time, homes can see the accumulative savings of switching to this sustainable resource and can even secure local supplies to reduce the emissions that go into drilling and transporting fossil fuels.

Wood chips can deliver the heat

The potential of radiant heating systems harnessing wood chips is great enough to warm buildings far larger than the average home as well. Some schools in Falmouth, Nova Scotia, phased out coal for oil as a cleaner alternative over 40 years ago, but now it's time for the buildings to be retrofitted even further, reported The Forecaster. Three schools in the village are converting their boiler systems to run on wood chips, with one of them even using radiant heaters to spread the warmth.

Ever since the upgrade, the district has saved over $400,000 and hasn't used even a quart of oil to heat the schools, according to the source. The process only produces a small amount of ash too that is then used as fertilizer on local farms.

Radiant heaters don't just have to burn efficiently, they can burn clean as well while making the biggest impact on your wallet and the environment around it.