A green playground

Mon, 03/31/2014 - 15:29

Innovations like radiant heating utilize the properties of energy to create an efficient form of heated flooring, but there's no reason to stop there. Making some simple connections of green technology with opportunities we see in everyday life can create chances for an eco-friendly community that everyone can enjoy. These transformations don't only occur in houses or commercial buildings - they can happen in the playgrounds children use too. Instead of the polluted park amidst a volatile climate in the future, we can steer kids down the path of sustainability.

Ecosistema Urbano reported a new addition to the playgrounds in the Netherlands as the result of a contest to design a fixture of education for people of all ages to enjoy. Thus, the light carousel was born. It uses a series of ropes, pulleys and swings to generate electricity harvested from children's youthful abundance of energy. As the kids run around and play, the carousel stores the power in a battery underground. Handles hanging higher off the ground can be used by older kids and adults to turn the carousel and help power it.

According to Inhabitat, the roundabout uses all the power to reward everyone on the playground with a light show at nightfall made up of brilliant LED bulbs. The neighborhood's hard work throughout the day will pay off for everyone's viewing pleasure. The children will look on and know that they did that, possibly encouraging them to see what else they can do. This fixture will form a focal point for people to come together to learn about viable energy methods and the benefits they can provide. The sooner they learn about the power of renewable energy sources, the earlier they too can start down the path toward creating other positive technologies like radiant heaters, saving everyone money and promoting a healthy environment.