Increase household comfort with radiant floor heating

Fri, 01/11/2013 - 15:40

 After shutting off the alarm and crawling out of a warm bed, the last thing a person wants to experience is the icy presence of cold seeping up his or her legs from the floor. The chill can ruin a person's mood after a relaxing shower or make getting up for work in the morning even more difficult.

However, by investing in radiant floor heating, a homeowner can forgo discomfort stemming from cold feet. According to Richard Trethewey, a plumbing and heating expert for the PBS series "This Old House," bathrooms, family roms and kitchens are prime locations for radiant floor heating installations.

"Radiant belongs in what I call the cocoon space, places you'll be in the coldest days of winter, where you hunker down," Trethewey told The Chicago Tribune. "There's no better heat delivery system. It gives you warm feet and a cool head."
The news source reports that the most common form of radiant floor heating is hydronic, which means it is run on heated water through tubes under a floor surface. That solution is often used when a large space or entire home is being heated using the technology.

Radiant floor heating isn't just for residential properties. Trethewey went on to explain how the technology is easily incorporated in commercial spaces as well.

"The place where it shines is all these vaulted spaces that are impossible to heat," Trethewey told the news source. "Fire stations, auto body shops, airplane hangars, all those places where they open doors and lose all the heat, and it's impossible to warm up again. With radiant heat (in the floor), as soon as they close the doors, the heat is there."