Homeowner focuses on energy efficiency

Mon, 01/21/2013 - 07:27

Sometimes an individual's focus on living sustainably takes them on a path. The New Jersey Times reports that Dante DiPirro has dedicated his attentions toward living the modern life with a green twist. He designed the solar panels that power his East Amwell home and estimates that the resource utility saves him $4,000 a year in energy costs by living off the power grid.
"I wanted to live this way because I don't need to take power or resources from anywhere else, and I wanted to show people that this technology is available," DiPirro told the news source during a tour of his home this week. "You can incorporate some of these ideas into your own house and save money."
According to the news source, it took DiPirro almost seven years to build the 2,700-square-foot home. The property is outfitted with a number of energy-efficient technologies, including light emitting diode (LED) bulbs, a water pump and refrigerator and radiant floor heating.
DiPirro has chosen to use lightweight concrete as a flooring material stamped to looking like black tile. A combination of geothermal and radiant floor heating systems are used to properly warm the property. The energy efficient system requires fewer resources than a traditional heating option like forced hot air, which is why it was the ideal utility for the green home powered by solar panels.
"It's similar to a slab that warms pizza," DiPirro told The New Jersey Times. "Most of my heat comes from this thermal mass: the black tile and all this concrete. I have a radiant floor system as backup, and I can use backup propane."
According to DiPirro, living in such a green way hardly impacts his modern lifestyle.
"It's rewarding to live like this, but it's not extreme in the sense of being deprived of modern-day amenities," DiPirro said. "Anytime people build or remodel, I think they should do this."