Home built with sustainability in mind

Tue, 02/26/2013 - 16:03

On the tiny island of Malta, size and space is a concern. Homes are carefully regulated in size to ensure that they are not encroaching on the land. Jetson Green magazine reports that one home on the tiny island was designed by Chris Briffa Architects took this into consideration. The architects designed a modern, sustainable home that features a number of green technologies and materials so that the property would have a lower carbon footprint. 
According to the news source, to bypass zoning challenges, architects made half of the house cantilever over the outdoor space. As a result, portions of the living and dining rooms are floating over an outdoor pool. The modern space is clean in design to make the most of every square foot. Natural light floods into rooms with the carefully design of windows and sky lights used to create cross ventilation. 
Radiant floor heating is installed throughout the home to ensure that it is perfectly temperature controlled. The eco-friendly utility solution is highly energy efficient, which is a crucial component on an island as energy prices for fossil fuels are traditionally higher on these isolated pieces of land. The system decreases the operational expenses associated with the property, while simultaneously providing comfort to guests and homeowners. 
Radiant floor heating allows the house to stay warm during the winter and the months leading away and to those cold periods. When combined with other smart, eco-friendly solutions, a residential property owner can further reduce the carbon footprint associated with a home and allow a homeowner to feel good about the environmentally friendly options they have decided to invest in.