Healthy Homes

Wisconsin town highlighted as possible recipient for healthy homes grant

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 10:32

A north side Milwaukee, Wisconsin neighborhood has begun to reconsider the impact of an unhealthy home on the safety of a family, as they have tried to secure federal funding to make residences in the area less toxic for individuals by using money to provide efficient technology like modern insulation and radiant heating systems, according to Milwaukee Public Radio (WUWM).

Technology like new types of insulation and radiant heating systems can help eliminate the toxins that can sometimes be present in homes, and may lead to health problems.

Radiant heating systems do not require the use of radiators, heating vents or air ducts to operate, helping to eliminate allergens and toxins that are often present in more conventional heating systems.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has noted that the town could be a solid candidate for a federal grant, as its residents land in the hospital for asthma-related symptoms three times more frequently than other individuals from Wisconsin, according to the news source.

WUWM reported that the EPA Regional Administrator Susan Hedman noted the importance of giving residents in this area an appropriate amount of funding to ensure that the program is carried out in an effective manner.

"What’s going on here is particularly interesting because people who have gone through the Healthier Homes experience are acting as ambassadors to other people and teaching them what they’ve learned about how to make their homes full of fewer asthma triggers," told the news source.

Hedman noted that education about the long-term benefits of new insulation, ventilation and heating technologies would help the residents realize that up-front costs provide results over time.