Healthy Homes

Winter health begins in the home

Mon, 11/07/2011 - 10:28

The amount of allergens, pathogens and toxins that children are exposed to in the classroom, on the bus and at afterschool activities makes it imperitive for parents to provide a healthy home environment.

Using the right technology in a house can help parents to do this, as limiting the number of toxins in the home can be accomplished through the use of lead-free paint, efficient insulation and the installation of a radiant heating system.

A radiant heating system allows for a comfortable warmth, this efficient technology doesn't require the use of toxin-producing materials like radiators, air ducts and heating vents. This quiet system operates as part of the subfloor and helps to eliminate the unhealthy air that can exist in a residence due to a conventional heater.

Classrooms in schools are especially dirty and can expose children to a variety of illnesses. The common cold is often spread around a grade, due to the fact that once a single kid becomes sick, the entire class is exposed, according to NBC 5 KFYR.

"If you sit in this room for a half hour, you will be able to count many kids with coughs or icky noses," Kara MacIver, a kindergarten teacher at Longfellow Elementary School in Bismarck, North Dakota, told the news source.

MacIver, who has been teaching at the school for the past 10 years, noted that the children will bring an illness from home into the classroom, and it tends to spread quickly.

According to the news source, parents can keep their homes at warmer temperatures and should always dress their children warmly when they leave the house.

"It [the common cold] likes a cold environment, so stay warm," Casmiar Nwaigwe, a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases at Trinity Health, told NBC 5.