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Washington program helps families with asthmatic children

Thu, 08/30/2012 - 16:40

A number of families in Seattle, Washington, will receive help from the government in combating some of the household threats that are responsible for exacerbating health problems such as asthma.
The Seattle Times reported that one family had an especially difficult time in dealing with the illness of their child, Abraham Gonzalez, as his asthma had gotten much worse in a two-year period.
According to the news outlet, the problem was identified by community-health workers from the city that inspected the residence and found that a dusty furnace was contributing to the asthma problems that Abraham was experiencing. The problem was eventually fixed after a new system was installed in the house.
"It was pretty nice. That program really helped our house. My kid doesn't have problems anymore," his father, who is also named Abraham Gonzalez, told the news outlet.
This is part of a trend, according to the Times, as doctors have noted the impact of home environments on the health issues of children.
"Fifteen years ago is when we saw asthma was increasing steadily over the years. We had an emerging epidemic on our hands," Dr. Jim Krieger, director of the King County Asthma Program, or KCAP, told the news outlet. "There were no programs in place that, by changing the home environment, you could improve asthma outcomes. We focused on the home because that's where most of the triggers were happening."
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