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Tips for removing harmful toxins during Children's Health Month

Mon, 10/17/2011 - 08:24

October is Children's Health Month. Due to the fact that children eat, drink and breathe more per pound than adults, they are increasingly affected by pollution, according to the Macon Telegraph.

This fact makes it important for adults to monitor their homes for potential allergens and toxins. There are several specific areas which must be targeted, the news source reported.

According to the Telegraph, the Environmental Protection Agency told parents to try and eliminate asthma triggers, protect children from dangerous mold and moisture in a house, remove all toxin-related products from the residence and use paints and materials that do not contain lead.

Along with these recommendations, it may be necessary for parents to be extra careful with what is tracked into a house, regardless of the source. Removing shoes, dirty clothing and limiting the presence of pets in common areas can also help to keep kids safe, according to the news source.

A radiant heating system can also help to remove these toxins and allergens, as the technology doesn't require the use of heating ducts, air vents or radiators to provide heat.