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Take a dip in a chemical-free pool

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 10:20

There are many aspects of people's everyday lives that have potentially harmful consequences on the environment around them. This can be anything from the electricity powering a house to the chemicals used to clean it. There are ways to minimize the impact, such as installing the best heating system to lower accumulative costs on energy bills, but some areas offer more potential for improvement than others.

For people living in warmer climates, a swimming pool is a must. However, this luxury can be a strain on water bills as well as a pain to maintain, especially when homeowners have to make sure chemical levels are always right. Chemicals like chlorine taint the water and irritate your skin. A Spanish company called Urbanarbolismo has created an all natural pool in Valencia, Spain, that offers a more eco-friendly alternative to chemically treated pools, according to Inhabitat.

This pool uses the plants and gravel around it to filter in water to ensure it remains clean, rather than mixing in unnatural chemicals. The water is filtered through the gravel and roots and then pumped back into the pool to provide a clean swimming solution. The pool Urbanarbolismo made is surrounded by plants that are edible too, such as cress, celery and mint, making a unique garden to accompany this spot of leisure that can satisfy any craving with a healthy snack.

The material lining the pool is resistant to algae, and to guarantee no organic matter makes its way into the pool, a native shrimp species was introduced to keep it clean. Mowing the lawn around it also prevents any aquatic plants from blooming, and radiant heaters could be used to keep the path to the pool warm in the winter.