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Spring is here and so are your allergies

Wed, 04/10/2013 - 17:53

Spring is officially here - and now it's finally starting to feel like it. Across the United States, homeowners are beginning to once again open their windows and feel the slight, chilly breeze come through. Winter coats are only being worn every other day and everyone is looking at the sky in anticipation for the warming effects of the sun. However, for many, spring is not always a happy time. It's the season of allergies and people of all ages are beginning to suffer the effects of pollen. The four-day forecast in Colorado Spring, Colorado, from The Weather Channel is predicting very high levels of pollen from April 10 to the 13th. In Boston, Massachusetts, pollen levels are just starting to creep up as the snow finally disappears. According to the source, pollen levels are moderate for April 10 and April 11.For allergy suffers, a radiant floor heating system is the ideal solution. The warmth of summer isn't around during the early spring months and many homeowners leave a heating system on to take off the chill. Vents and base board heating units that are traditionally found in residential homes collect dust and pollen and spread the irritants around a house regardless of how clean an individual keeps his or her home. In contrast, a radiant floor heating system is allergy friendly and allows a homeowner to sweep or dust up pollen and keep a house clean. The utility option does not push irritant-laden air around the house, which is ideal for those who suffer allergies, have asthma or other respiratory conditions.