Healthy Homes

A simple solution for a clean and healthy residence

Tue, 10/11/2011 - 09:03

Mirella Goetzmann, an official from the Western Australia Health Department, recently told the West Australian of several ways for individuals to keep their homes clean from germs and healthy for their families.

She noted that the insulation had to be a modern and non-toxic material, paint had to be made without harmful chemicals and the right cleaning products would help to limit contaminants in the air, according to the news source.

"Hot, soapy water will do the job just as well," Goetzmann, told the West Australian. "If you need to get stubborn stains off, use a cream cleaner rather than something you spray."

Goetzmann also noted that sometimes just looking at safety labels and spending a dollar or two more on a natural product can help to keep harmful toxins out of a home.

A radiant heating system can also help to provide a home with cleaner air that contains less contaminants. The technology doesn't require the use of allergen-producing fixtures like a radiator, heating ducts or air vents.