Healthy Homes

Rhode Island receives more than $500,000 for healthy homes initiative

Fri, 09/02/2011 - 09:46

According to a government release, the State of Rhode Island has received $594,000 in federal funding to help its residents identify and eliminate preventable health hazards that exist in their homes.

The efforts of Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) had led to the allocation of federal funds to help his constituents build healthy homes and monitor their homes in an effort to provide money to families that wouldn't check these things without government assistance.

"This federal funding will help local officials work with families to identify and eliminate hidden home health hazards," Senator Reed said in a statement. "Small problems like a leaky pipe can lead to mold which can cause more serious health issues and lead to missed school and work. Educating homeowners and making simple fixes can go a long way toward preventing costly health problems."

A main reason for the push came due to the fact that many of the homes in Rhode Island were built at a time when health considerations were not taken into account, according to the release.

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