Healthy Homes

Reducing toxins and allergens, are keys to a healthy home

Mon, 10/31/2011 - 08:04

There are several key technologies and practices that can be installed and implemented in order to limit the amount of toxins and allergens in any home.

Technology like a radiant heating system can help to limit the presences of these harmful materials, as the product doesn't require the use of toxin-producing radiators, heating ducts or air vents.

Though adopting new technology may help homeowners reduce toxins in the air, eliminating or limiting chemicals and pets from certain areas can help to lower the presence of harmful materials in the air, according to Leadership Newspaper.

"Pets can exacerbate allergy symptoms because they have allergens in their urine, saliva and skin dander," Lindsey McManus, who works with Allergy UK, told the news source. "Cats are by far the commonest animals to cause allergy in humans, but any animal can cause a problem."

McManus also noted that windows around the house should be kept open as much as possible, as the ventilation of air is necessary to eliminate the presence of harmful toxins, according to Leadership Newspaper.