Healthy Homes

Ohio builder to fund clean home program

Mon, 08/22/2011 - 11:11

After successfully completing treatment for testicular cancer, home builder Charles Ruma has decided to raise money for cancer research and provide individuals with knowledge about healthy homes, according to an Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Institute (OSUCCC) release.

The former builder is looking to design and build a home to promote healthy living, and possibly prevent cancer. There are many features in the house that are geared towards providing healthier air for the residents.

"I think this is something that you’d want to do as a consumer as you’re thinking about remodeling. When you look at one thing at a time it may not seem like too much, but when you put them all together, there really is such a thing as composing a healthy home and lifestyle," said Dr. Steven Clinton, who also leads the OSUCCC – James’s Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention Program.

The house, which was auctioned for $400,000 to raise money for research, is complete with special products that help to remove allergens, an active radon removal system, and used paint, carpet and other germ-limiting materials, according to the release.

Radiant heating systems can also help to limit the presence of harmful toxins and allergens, as there are no heating vents, radiators or ducts that lead to these substances being present.