Healthy Homes

New Zealand healthy homes grant to fund new technology, help families

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 15:36

The use of a healthy homes program in a community can have a profound impact on the well-being of citizens, as technologies that produce harmful toxins in a residence are removed and newer products are put in to help clean up the residence.
The Rotorua Daily Post reported that the combination of funding from the local New Zealand government and a BayTrust grant from the Energy Options Charitable Company will help families in the region obtain new and safer products for their homes.
The latest round of grants included $25,000, which would be dispersed among a number of houses in the region. Nik Gregg, chief executive officer for Healthy Homes Rotorua, noted that this latest funding would make a significant impact on the local community.
"Since 2005, we've insulated more than 1200 homes in Rotorua and BayTrust's generosity as a long-term supporter has played a big part in that achievement," Gregg told the news source.
The program will help local residents get new insulation for their homes, as older products can be made of material that poses significant health risks. Families that have children who have asthma or other breathing-related problems may be especially at risk, as airborne pollutants are extremely dangerous.
Products like older and conventional forced-air heating systems can also pose a serious health risk, as they use radiators, heating ducts and air vents that all store and distribute contaminants around a residence.
A radiant heating system helps to provide a much more efficient source of warmth without the need for these external fixtures. This not only limits the presence of airborne contaminants, it removes these unsightly products from a room and improves the aesthetics of a residence.