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London government passes legislation to help increase use of energy efficient products

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 15:36

The use of products like radiant heating systems, pipework insulation, water source heat pumps and wastewater collection devices may increase in London, England, in coming years, as the government passed legislation to incentivize the adoption of these products.
The Builders' Merchants News reported that the government passed legislation that would allow for 45 technologies and energy efficiency measures to qualify for Green Deal financing. This would enable eligible homeowners to access the necessary financial loans needed to install such products in their residence.
This push by the government was enacted in order to stimulate these green industries and to promote a change within building practices for homeowners in the city.
The government noted that the push was "support worth around $2 billion a year to deliver energy-efficiency and heating measures [and] to help tackle fuel poverty and climate change."
The energy efficiency push by the government will help to reduce emissions in London, which have risen over the past several decades. Along with the lessened negative impact on the environment, the legislation would help to create up to 60,000 jobs in the green industries.
Products such as radiant heating systems have been targeted by the government due to the ability of these items to sharply reduce energy consumption levels.
Radiant heating systems deliver heat to a residence in a more efficient manner, as these products limit the parasitic heat loss that many conventional heaters are responsible for.
Specific systems, like those available from Warmboard, offer an even greater reduction in energy costs and consumption because the paneling in the system is made of a highly conductive aluminum material. This helps to limit the temperature needed to provide warmth, which in turn lowers the amount of energy that is needed.