Healthy Homes

How to promote a healthy home from the inside out

Fri, 08/12/2011 - 04:55

It is important for families to rid their homes of unnecessary toxins and air pollutants that may lead to potential breathing problems or other deficiencies that arise due to exposure to contaminants.

Jill Salisbury, from the Susan Fredman Design Group in Chicago, told ABC 7 News Chicago several key ways citizens can reduce the presence of these potentially dangerous toxins.

She noted that there are several filters that can be placed on air conditioning units, improved screens for windows and new cleaning products that cause little damage while improving the general air quality, according to the news source.

Salisbury also mentioned the necessity for keeping windows open during the day hours, the importance of removing shoes and dirty clothing before entering the high-traffic areas of the house and keeping pets clean on a regular basis, ABC 7 reported.

Another method for keeping a home clean of harmful pollutants and toxins is to install a radiant heating system. This technology is able to provide warmth to a residence while giving people with asthma a chance to breathe clean air by eliminating the needs for air ducts, vents and radiators.