Healthy Homes

Healthy lifestyle rooted in cleanliness of homes, food

Wed, 11/09/2011 - 11:05

The healthcare debate that captivated the country over the past year has led many in the health profession to consider the value of preventative care. This often begins with helping individuals to maintain their residence so that allergens and toxins are limited within the house.

Homeowners can accomplish this goal through the use of efficient technology that doesn't pollute the home with toxins. Radiant heating systems and modern insulation products can help to solve this problem.

A radiant heating system provides the homeowner and their family with an efficient and comfortable warmth throughout their residence without polluting the air. The technology doesn't require the use of radiators, heating ducts or air vents that can bring dirt and other toxins into a residence.

The New Brunswick Times and Transcript reported that allergens and toxins enter a home in two different ways. The contaminants are able to gain entry through inefficient and dirty heating and ventilation systems or on pets or clothing.

According to the news source, pets should be kept outside as often as possible, dirty clothing should be thrown right into the washing machine and all members of a family should remove their shoes prior to entering a residence.

The Times and Transcript reported that the more exercise and cleaner air that people are exposed to can also play into their overall level of health.

This can be accomplished through keeping a regimen of outdoor exercise and removing harmful and inefficient technology from the residence.

A radiant heating system can help to eliminate toxins from inside of the home, due to the removal of unclean technology during installation of the system.