Healthy Homes

Healthy House Institute works to call attention to home ventilation requirements

Thu, 10/27/2011 - 09:12

The Healthy House Institute (HHI) and Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) are working to call public attention to new requirements put forth by the U.S. Green Building Council, as this initiative highlights the use of technology like radiant heated floors to reduce toxins in a residence, according to a joint release.

Radiant heating systems allow homeowners to provide a clean atmosphere for their families, as the technology doesn't require the use of toxin-producing radiators and heating ducts.

The HHI outlined the need for fresh air inside of a home, as the organization noted that this is often overlooked by people who focus on pollution outside of a residence.

"Promoting fresh air indoors through better ventilation is a positive and necessary step to protect ourselves, our children, elderly and loved ones at home where we are most vulnerable," said Allen Rathey, president of HHI. "The USGBC’s recommendations are especially commendable because they are sensible, allow flexibility in how proper ventilation is achieved, and balance today’s energy-saving economic concerns with environmental and climate factors."

Unhealthy pollutants can enter the home in a variety of ways, even through excess moisture that is collected in the structure of a house, according to the release.