Healthy Homes

Healthy homes programs help to identify technology, strategies to reduce contaminants

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 11:22

Many counties around the country are beginning to address the health of citizens through a more proactive approach, as these local governments are starting programs to help homeowners reduce contaminants in homes through the adoption of technologies like radiant heating and lead-free paint for walls.

A radiant heating system can help residents across the country limit the levels of contaminants and allergens that are present in a home. These can help to improve the health of a family, as dangerous pollutants that come from conventional heaters do not exist because of the radiant technology.

The radiant system eliminates these pollutants because of its design as part of a subfloor. The technology is not visible to the naked eye, and doesn't require the use of contaminant-producing radiators, air ducts and heating vents that are used for the more conventional heating systems.

Stephenson County in Illinois is advocating the use of technology to help reduce the presence of radon in area homes, as free seminars will be given to residents that present them with strategies to employ and products to use, according to the Freeport Journal Standard.

A similar program was started in Gary, Indiana, as the Community Action for a Renewed Environment Partnership Healthy Homes Project is offering free testing for residents to determine the level of lead, dust and radon in more than 300 homes in the area, according to the Gary Times.

Families that participate will also recieve education to help them find technology to reduce the levels, and to help them see the long-term cost benefits for using contaminant-reducing products, the news source reported.