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Healthy homes need safe products: Survey pinpoints potential hazards

Wed, 08/08/2012 - 16:22

Identifying dangerous products that are in homes is one way to help boost the health of a population, as there is significant damage that can be done by older systems and materials that are stored within many residences across the country.
A new survey from the Linn County Public Health Department in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has helped to highlight a number of the dangers that exist within a household, according to the Cedar Rapids Gazette.
The survey looked at indoor hazards such as radon, mold, cockroaches, bedbugs and other pests, and determined that there are certain ways to eliminate these dangerous particles by installing new products or removing older items from a home.
"We’re looking at everything that can be impacting the family, so we can offer a more holistic approach," said Ruby Perin, Healthy Homes branch manager for the health department after the survey was given. "We want to get a snapshot picture of what’s going on in our community."
The health of residents in the area is directly related to where people live, Perin noted, as their homes are one of the main places that they spend time and dangerous products can have a significant impact on their livelihood.
"There is a correlation between health and housing," she told the , noting that people spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors and about 50 percent of their time in their homes.
This is why people should look to remove their older heating systems, as these often require the use of radiators, air vents and heating ducts, all of which contribute negative air particles to a residence.
Radiant heating systems, on the other hand, run quietly, smoothly and do not produce harmful contaminants in a home.