Healthy Homes

Healthy homes and living expo shows benefits of cleaner residences

Wed, 09/19/2012 - 15:49

There are many products and alterations to homes that are advertised at home shows and healthy living expositions, and the most recent event in Windsor, Ontario, is full of new ideas for homeowners who want to provide their families with a healthier living environment.
According to the Windsor Star, this year's event was centered on the idea that families should be able to stay inside their home without having to worry about the airborne pollutants that can lead to sickness or exacerbate existing health conditions.
Although many of the products and technologies that are featured in the show are geared toward people who already own a residence, there is no specific group that is excluded when it comes to making a home healthier.
"We see a lot of families coming out in addition to homeowners," said show organizer Stuart Galloway. "We'll see young couple who are in their mid-twenties and living in their first homes up to couples in their mid-seventies and mid-eighties who have lived in their homes for decades. There's always something new and exciting for the home."
This type of excitement often leads people to invest in the latest technology for their residences, and those who are considering products that increase the safety of a residence should look to Warmboard radiant heating systems.
Not only does a Warmboard radiant heating system decrease the amount of contaminants that are distributed into the air of a residence - it does not require dirty fixtures like radiators, heating ducts and air vents - but it also helps to provide a more comfortable atmosphere for families.
Warmboard radiant heating systems allow people to enjoy the feeling of warmth without circulating dangerous and contaminated air around a residence.