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Healthy, cleaner air for families in 2012

Tue, 01/03/2012 - 12:11

The onset of 2012 gives homeowners a chance to change the way that they manage their residence, as several modifications can be made to a house to help limit the amount of allergens and toxins that are present in the air.

Changing the type of heating system that is used, paint that lines the walls and the type of insulation can have a significant impact on what is floating around in a residence, according to Mother Nature Network.

A report from the Environmental Protection Agency outlined how air within homes and other buildings can be more polluted than outdoor air. This shows the need for homeowners to monitor their residences and remove products that could cause their family harm.

Due to the fact that the EPA has said the dangers may be worse inside of a home, it is important to constantly air out a residence to help remove harmful toxins. This can be difficult during winter months, as the freezing temperatures that exist in some parts of the country make ventilation a more significant problem.

In these colder regions of the country, it may be a smart move for homeowners to address the issue of cleanliness in the air by installing new products and removing old and inefficient technology.

A radiant heating system is a more efficient heater than a more conventional system, and does not produce some of the allergens and contaminants that are present in the older technology.

Old heating systems often collect dust and circulate contaminants in the heating ducts, air vents and radiators that are needed to produce heat. A radiant heating system operates as part of a subfloor and doesn't generate any extraneous air particles.