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Health benefits of radiant floor heating

Tue, 07/30/2013 - 07:56

While July may be coming to a close, many homeowners are already beginning to think about the winter months and what that will mean for their heating bill. For some, turning on the heat isn't just painful because of the added monthly utility expense, but also because traditional heating systems spread dust, pollen and other fine particulate matter throughout the home. The presence of these common allergens can cause many homeowners to feel stuffy, experience watery eyes and feel congested. A homeowner who has a respiratory condition such as asthma may even suffer much more than the average person. 
Consider the merits of installing a radiant floor heating system in a home to reduce the presence of fine particulate matter throughout the house. Because a radiant floor heating system does not rely on ventilation networks to spread heat, air is not being pushed around the house and there are no nooks and crannies for dust bunnies to hide in. The lack of radiators, vents or baseboard heating units included in the utility system means that the fine particulate matter that can irritate a respiratory system are not being stored in closed areas throughout the year and spread once the system is turned on in the fall. 
A radiant floor heating system warms a home using the power of convection, by letting the heated air molecules touch each and fill a space with the air temperature a homeowner desires. There's no air pushing around or ventilation system hiding dust, mold and dirt, which means it is an overall cleaner solution for heating a home. Homeowners with respiratory conditions can benefit from this clean and healthy utility option.