Healthy Homes

Hartford residents to enjoy healthy homes

Mon, 08/01/2011 - 08:53

Government initiatives, building grants and a rise of public interest have led developers to try to market houses that contain clean air and reduce energy costs.

A recent partnership between the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, Connecticut Light and Power, Connecticut Children's Medical Center LAMPP Project and The United Illuminating Company (UI) led to an initiative to try and build new efficient and healthy homes throughout the state, according to Stamford Plus.

The Connecticut Efficient Healthy Homes Initiative (CTEHHI) will use government money to raise awareness and provide funding for families who are in need of assistance. Utilizing the large amount of research money that was given to the organization, the CTEHHI will help residents identify problems with their own homes, including the presence of dust mites and mold in the air, the news source reported.

"Now, when we weatherize homes statewide, we are able to identify health and safety risks to keep families comfortable and safe," Pat McDonnell, the senior director of conservation and load management at UI, told the Plus.

Homeowners may consider the benefits of radiant heating systems that work as a solution to both energy costs and providing a space with clean air. This method for providing warmth greatly reduces the amount of toxins in the air, due to the lack of open vents, duct work and radiators.