Healthy Homes

Former chief medical officer of Wales notes importance of healthy homes

Mon, 07/09/2012 - 17:07

The impact that dirty and ineffective technology within a home can have on the health of a family should not be understated, one top medical worker in Wales said after he announced his retirement.
BBC News reported that Dr. Tony Jewell, the outgoing Chief Medical Officer in Wales, noted that his countrymen should be more wary of the dangers that can be lurking in homes, as installing the right technology can eliminate a number of the airborne contaminants that are often found within residences.
"Many factors can affect our health at home: poverty, second-hand smoke, fuel poverty and energy efficiency, damp, food hygiene, the threat of crime, such as domestic abuse or a burglary, or even the fear of crime," Jewell noted. "The Welsh government is taking action on all of these issues. I would like to see them brought together in a single healthy homes strategy, to co-ordinate action for the most vulnerable people in Wales."
Although Jewell said a number of factors were outside the control of homeowners, removing harmful products from a home is not as difficult as one may think.
Installing the right type of heating system can go a long way toward removing some of the negative air particles in a home, as products like Warmboard radiant heating systems offer a homeowner a more efficient option for their residence.
Because a Warmboard radiant heating system does not rely on the use of radiators, heating ducts and air vents, many of the contaminants that are stored within these fixtures are eliminated.
Not only do Warmboard heating systems limit the presence of harmful toxins in a home, but they also limit the amount of energy that is used, which helps to lower heating costs for homeowners.