Healthy Homes

Florida healthy living and home expo helps to shed light on major issues for families

Thu, 10/04/2012 - 14:08

There are many busy parents who have little time to examine the latest products and technology for their homes, but this lack of knowledge can sometimes be dangerous for children. Just like the notion of healthy living, healthy housing is important for the well-being of many Americans.
This is why there are expositions held around the country to try and inform people as to the best type of appliances, furniture, materials and fixtures to use in their homes.
This is why so many people are expected to attend the 2012 Fall Home & Health Expo in Tallahassee, Florida. It is a project that is being put on by the Tallahassee Builders Association and the East Coast Shows company.
According to the Tallahassee Democrat, the show is going to feature a number of new technologies, products and exhibits that provide homeowners with the necessary information to improve their homes.
"It’s really important for people to be educated about new products and the new building codes that are out there," Larry Wayne Strickland, owner of Capital City Builders and chair of the TBA's expo committee, told the newspaper.
Energy efficient installations can especially help homeowners, as they produce much less waste and emissions and limit how much of an impact that any fixture can have on a family.
One product that often provides a slight risk to families is the heating system, as conventional systems tend to distribute contaminants around a home because of the use of radiators, heating ducts and air vents.
Products like radiant heating systems help to eliminate these contaminants from the air, because they do not need these fixtures to operate.