Healthy Homes

The effect that products in a home can have on family health

Mon, 11/28/2011 - 10:41

The winter months can bring large amounts of snow, cold weather and illness to families across America. Because of a high level of exposure to sickness outside of a residence, homeowners need to ensure that their house is as clean as possible.

Homeowners need to make sure that products like conventional heating systems, lead paint and older types of insulation are replaced with a modern alternative. Lead-free paint and radiant heating systems can go a long way towards making a home a healthy place for the whole family.

A radiant heating system doesn't require the use of unclean radiators, heating vents and air ducts, as this technology maintains an even warmth while limiting an individual's exposure to airborne allergens and contaminants.

According to Life 360, many of the toxins that people are exposed to are present in their homes. Keeping a clean house can help parents and children limit the presence of allergens and contaminants. Washing hands regularly and using paper towels and disinfectant wipes constantly may work to limit the presence of harmful materials in a residence.

The news source reported that stale air from a conventional heating system can contain significant amounts of toxins, and may result from the inefficiency of the technology. This becomes more important during winter months when the windows and doors are kept closed as much as possible.

A radiant heating system can help to eliminate this problem, as the technology spreads the warmth between the ceiling and floor of a home in a much more even manner. The more than 10 degrees difference between these two surfaces for conventional heaters is reduce to two-to-three degrees with a radiant heater.