Healthy Homes

Detroit neighborhoods would benefit from radiant heating, healthy homes installation

Fri, 09/30/2011 - 09:40

The city of Detroit has seen the worst of the economic recession, and although it is starting to emerge from the poverty that was created, the homes in the area could use a lot of work, according to The Detroit News.

Mayor Dave Bing has zeroed in on reshaping the East English Village, as he seeks to implement a healthy homes initiative with the residents.

"It's very important we don't let neighborhoods that are transitional fall into the category of distressed," Austin Black II, a realtor in the area, told the News. "You want to create the greatest impact possible, which in the long term benefits the entire city."

Houses in the area are in rough shape, and many of the families are suffering from the lack of cleanliness that persists. The Detroit Works Project looks to shape some of these homes through rehabilitation efforts, according to the news source.

One way to improve the cleanliness and level of health for a home is to install a radiant heating system. This technology helps to remove harmful toxins by not requiring unhealthy products like radiators, heating vents and air ducts.