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Cover your house with a green roof

Wed, 03/19/2014 - 14:04

Radiant heaters can help lower the costs of heating your home as well as act as an energy-efficient practice, but there is always more that can be done to reduce the monetary and environmental price tag associated with heating systems. If you want to make your house more green, than that's exactly what you should do - literally. Color it green with a xeriscape or vegetable rooftop garden. Doing so will not only improve the energy efficient heating of your house, but have a positive impact on the ecosystem around it while also limiting the waste of resources.

What is xeriscape?

Originally intended for dry regions that suffer commonly from water droughts, xeriscaping can actually be done almost anywhere with the same benefits. When you have a xeriscape garden or lawn, you essentially replace traditional grass with more resilient and durable plants.

According to Eartheasy, xeriscape gardening saves you water, requires much less work to maintain and can improve your property value. Without the need for much pruning, you reduce your carbon footprint by releasing yourself from the shackles that gasoline puts on you with lawn mowers. If you fill your garden with plants domestic to your local area, the nutrients in the soil should be more than enough to sustain growth without the need for chemical additives, solidifying a more natural process. Another indirect pro to using native flora is that it provides habitat that the animals and other wildlife of the community are used to.
Other benefits to having some kind of garden on your roof affects your house directly, reported Green City Growers. Besides potentially growing you food, if you choose that route, a green canopy aids your home with the drainage of rainwater by retaining most of it. Your gutters won't overflow during storms and break off under the weight of rushing water. Rooftop gardens can create contained, localized miniature climates that will keep your house cooler in the summer as well as diminishing heating and cooling costs by acting as a layer of insulation. The soil will purify pollutants as well as extending the overall life of the roof.
Utilize your roof

Unless you have solar panels, the space on your roof is going to waste. Seize the chance to replace the territory taken up by your abode and give something back to the world around you, especially if you reside within an urban area with not much surrounding greenery. It's an opportunity to create a sustainable section in the higher altitudes of your neighborhood that you can enjoy if you have easy rooftop access for relaxation and leisure.
Without needing much work, a xeriscape or vegetable garden above your ceiling gives you many advantages you might not have considered. If you're looking to make your home more eco-friendly, let Mother Nature do the work the innate way. When everyone in the summer is melting in the heat, you can sit back in a cool climate of your own.