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Controlling asthma rates start with the home

Mon, 11/21/2011 - 11:09

The high incidence of asthma among Americans may have to do with their exposure to harmful toxins and allergens. Although there are few ways for individuals to reduce pollution in the city or town in which they live, removing these harmful fumes from a home can be as easy as changing to a radiant heating system.

This type of technology doesn't require the use of radiators, air vents or heating ducts, all of which contribute excess toxins and allergens into a home. Investing in this type of heating system may be especially important for residents of Connecticut cities, due to a report from the local government.

According to a report from the Connecticut Department of Health, residents in cities throughout the state are almost three times more likely to develop asthma, the New Haven Independent reported.

The news source reported that a major factor for the difference between cities and towns is not just the pollution that exists, but the state of housing for individuals.

Everything from the paint, type of flooring and model of heating system could have an effect on the amount of allergens and toxins that are present in a home.

People may not realize that their heating systems produce significant amounts of allergens and toxins because of the way that these materials collect on radiators and air vents and then are blown back into a residence.

This lack of education about how to make a home healthier is part of the problem, according to Michael Corjulo, a nurse practitioner at Children's Medical Group in Hamden, Connecticut.

"That’s it right there. That sums up the entire disparity," Corjulo told the Independent. "There’s no excuse for asthma to go uncontrolled. We have the knowledge and skills to avoid those hospitalizations."