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Cold homes and the effects on health, reasons to install radiant heating

Fri, 11/04/2011 - 09:07

The comfortable warmth that a radiant heating system can provide will help homeowners who are older, as the constant heat that circulates around the residence can work to ease the pains that can sometimes come with the winter months.

According to NBC 5 KFYR Bismarck, many older individuals feel the cold of winter all over their body, as the lack of heat to certain joints and limbs can be a negative influence on the overall health of a person.

“There are some reasonable studies that have been done which show that the cold does affect the joints," Doctor Paul MacLeod, an orthopedic surgeon for Trinity Health, told the news source.

For some people, frigid temperatures trigger pain all over their body, and problems that lay dormant for the majority of the year appear when the thermometer begins to show a significant change in the weather.

"There's a fluid inside the joints and it's a synovial fluid that tends to thicken," Doctor MacLeod, who compared it to Jello hardening in a refrigerator, told NBC 5.

This type of pain can lead to irritation and further discomfort for older individuals. However, winter months can be defeated in this regard, as the right technology can ensure that a home will remain warm while not draining the family income due to energy costs.

Radiant heating systems can be installed as part of a subfloor, under any surface, and the technology allows for a more even distribution of the warmth due to the efficiency of the system.

This requires less energy to heat up a residence and to keep it warm due to the way that the technology distributes warmth more evenly than a conventional heater.