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Cleaner work environments lead to increased worker productivity

Thu, 07/12/2012 - 17:56

The majority of research that has come out regarding clean and green offices and productivity levels has led real estate experts to see a direct correlation between removing harmful products from a workplace and increased output from employees.
According to Green Buildings, the Environmental Protection Agency noted that indoor pollutants can be 100 times more influential on a person's health than those located outside, highlighting how people who are constantly working in a building that does not use green technologies could be significantly impacted in terms of health and productivity.
Because people who are exposed to airborne contaminants and other toxins are more likely to get sick, workers who are in an unhealthy office environment will likely take more sick days and be less productive while they are at work.
Attaining high indoor air quality is important for businesses that want their workers to be performing at the highest possible level, and the use of clean and efficient products can limit the presence of airborne contaminants.
Though some companies and building owners may be reluctant to install cleaner products into their structure, a study from Kats showed that increased worker productivity and decreased sick time for employees in greener offices accounted to a cost benefit of $37 to $55 per square foot.
Installing products like radiant heating systems can help to clean up the air in a building, as these systems do not require the use of radiators, heating ducts or air vents.
Along with this lack of dirt-producing fixtures, radiant heating systems are more efficient and do not need to be running for an entire workday, further reducing the presence of contaminants in the air.