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Chic modular homes offer green features to homebuyers

Wed, 11/28/2012 - 23:17

Potential homebuyers looking to move into their first property are often looking for an affordable option that still provides plenty of comfortable features. Newsday reports that modular homes offer a solution to buyers despairing about finding a property with all of the energy-efficient features they were hoping for.

"The economy is so poor, it makes everybody more conscious of financial issues," author Sheri Koones told the news source. "They don't want to be spending money on maintenance and heating and cooling. These features are a way to reduce energy use. People want to know they can be more energy independent."

Modular homes outfitted with the latest in energy efficient technology can offer potential homebuyers the perks of a custom-built home. In addition, the installation of technology like radiant heating has allowed these modern homes become an attractive option to energy-conscious buyers.

"Our typical customer is really interested in the environment,"  Steve Glenn, founder of LivingHomes, told the news source. "(They're) people who really care about design, health and sustainability. They shop at Whole Foods and IKEA, but they couldn't find a home that respected their goals and ideals. That's why I started this company."

According to Glenn, modular homes are more environmentally friendly option than traditional on-site building because they are built in a factory where there is less construction waste and greater control can be taken on building specs and quality. Newsday reports that when outfitted with energy-efficient technology like radiant heating, these properties offer buyers typically expensive features without the same hefty price tag as a tradition home.

Radiant heating increases the energy efficiency of a property by reducing heat loss and concentrating warmth levels. Instead of allowing heat to escape into unnecessary spaces like between walls or even outdoors, radiant heating uses the latest in modern technology to deliver warmth throughout the house.