Healthy Homes

California healthy homes program to assist residents with technology

Thu, 12/15/2011 - 09:17

A healthy homes program in Greenbrae, California, will help residents choose the best technology for their residences, along with educating local residents on ways to limit the presence of allergens and toxins in their living spaces, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

The program, "Healthy Homes: A Better Standard for Green Living and Healthy Design," will take place at the Marin General Hospital, and will feature guest speakers and industry experts, the news source reported. Several of these individuals will highlight products like lead-free paint and radiant heating systems, and the impact of these technologies on the health of a family.

Speakers from the Environmental Health Network, the Health Council of Marin, local pharmacies and hospitals, building organizations, a biologist from the International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology and the founder of pH Living will all highlight certain products and home improvements for attendees.

Installing new technology can help a homeowner protect their family from toxins and allergens that may have been prevalent in older products that are often found in residences. Conventional heating systems use radiators, heating ducts and air vents, which not only contribute to parasitic heat loss, but also help to keep contaminants in a house.

This technology limits the presence of these toxins and allergens because it doesn't require the use of these contaminant-producing products. No radiators, heating ducts or air vents are used as part of a radiant heating system.

It can be installed as part of a subfloor system that helps to maximize the effectiveness of radiant technology while limiting the presence of toxins in a home. It provides the necessary heat to a home without requiring bulky or unsightly products, while allowing a homeowner to adhere to the latest flooring trends.