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Are you ready for allergy season?

Tue, 05/14/2013 - 11:44

The height of discomfort has come for those who suffer from allergies, as the coming of spring is symbolic of the peak allergy season. This means that a lot of people are suffering with sinus issues from all of the dust, pollen and mildew flying through the air. For those homeowners who are heavy allergy suffers, traditional heating systems will just spread allergens around the house. It's impossible to clean out radiators, vents and baseboard heating enough to stop the spread of dust, pollen and other common household allergens. That means that every time you turn on the heat or air conditioning in your home, fine particulate matter will be spread around the house and possibly cause you an allergy or asthma attack.
States across the nation are suffering allergy season - from Texas, which has a forecast of high levels of grass pollen and moderate levels of tree pollen to Massachusetts, with moderate to high and very high levels of tree pollen and moderate levels of grass pollen. The Weather Channel reports that most people will feel the effects of a high pollen count. 
For homeowners looking to reduce the impact of allergens in the house, a radiant floor heating system is the answer. A radiant floor heating system does not push air through vents or baseboard units that collect dust and pollen throughout the year. Instead, heat travels through a house with a process called conduction. Heat is transferred by the collision of air particles. The process starts at the floor and works its way throughout the entire house. A homeowner gets to experience ultimate comfort, not only because the system reduces the presence of allergens in a house, but also because of the quality warmth it provides.