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The advantages of radiant heat for pet owners

Mon, 02/03/2014 - 15:32

The benefits of choosing radiant heat flooring for any home are numerous, including a substantial increase in comfort, reduced energy costs and more consistent warmth. While humans stand to gain a large number of advantages from this innovative heating system, pets have the opportunity to benefit from this technology as well. Pet owners often consider their four-legged friends to be like children, so when renovating a home with their loved ones in mind, they will opt for installing devices that have been proven to increase positive living experiences for all members of the household, regardless of species. Not only does radiant heat provide a peaceful and comforting atmosphere for pets and their owners alike, but it offers positive health advantages for all members living underneath a roof.
Reducing allergens

Since air that circulates within a room installed with radiant heat remains stagnant, it does not allow for the continuous transfer of pet dander or for potential allergens to fill the air. Members of the household who are allergic to pets may no longer have to worry about damaging particles being transferred through continuously moving air. Additionally, pets who have dirt or pollen allergies may suffer no more as the quality of air within a room improves drastically with this type of heating system.  
Doggie spa

Homeowners are not the only ones to trust the many benefits radiant heat provides. The Dog Spa at Raithwaite Estate recently opened in North Yorkshire and provides a number of amenities for its visitors, including radiant heating. The luxury facility aims to groom pets with aromatherapy treatments and Dead Sea mud baths, but to ensure pooches experience the best possible grooming experience, they invested in this special type of heating technology.