Drop a building anywhere

Fri, 05/09/2014 - 12:05

Sometimes there are situations where infrastructure is needed, but it's not possible. This could be from environmental circumstances or a lack of proper financing, but the Cannata Fernandes Architects have developed a solution that can be used to help a number of problems. They've created the Self Sustained Module, which acts as its own building capable of being moved anywhere by truck or helicopter, according to Green TV. There is no need for construction on-site and all the problems that could be encountered are avoided since the structure is assembled in a factory before being dispatched.

The goal of the project is to provide a place that could serve a variety of functions ranging from disaster relief to temporary housing. The module comes equipped with its own foundation plus a heating, electrical, water and sewage system, reported Inhabitat. The building is completely self-sustaining with 20 solar panels providing energy for the entire structure. Solar batteries and a 500-liter water tank ensure the building can last on its own for some time, along with upgradable options depending on the climate it's heading to.

There are a few choices that allow the module to have heated water or environment heating for colder areas, but this could be improved upon by using stored water for radiant heaters to make sure the structure keeps its eco-friendly nature. By harnessing radiant heating, the module could be deployed to parks, beaches and other areas where leaving no trace behind is key to the building's purpose.

By developing structures that can be distributed to unaccessible locations, a number of problems can be met head on with the resources needed to make a difference. Without the need to heavily rely on outside resources, the module gives an alternative to the costly process of building temporary structures and the permanent damage they cause.