Use a rooftop garden to cool your house

Tue, 06/17/2014 - 12:43

The price of controlling the temperature in a home can add up quickly. Whether warming the interior during the winter or maximizing airflow in the summer to keep a house cool, homeowners are constantly looking for ways to keep costs down. Radiant heating systems are a much more efficient solution for warming a house in the colder months by using as little energy as possible and minimizing run off, but air conditioners suck up a lot of electricity and the results can be seen on monthly bills.

While radiant heat offers an answer to part of the problem, people sometimes come up with creative ways to control temperatures in the blazing heat. Optimized ventilation is one way a house can sustainably keep cool, but a couple who bought a secluded cottage on an island in Oregon uses a much greener method, reported Inhabitat.

The couple already uses a garden and greenhouse as a way to be more independent with regards to food, but their greenthumbs found their way to the roof of the house as a natural solution to keep cool during the summer. They replaced the top of the cottage with a green roof made up of planted moss and ferns found in the local environment, the source stated. 

Green roofs cool the structures they protect through evapotranspiration, where the water contained in the soil evaporates, lowering the temperature of the surrounding air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Not only does a green roof limit the amount of energy needed to control the climate in a house as a result, but it reduces air pollution and helps in moderating storm​ water to protect the structure. By combining efficient heating technologies with natural cooling methods, a house can use as little energy as possible during all seasons of the year, greatly impacting monthly electric and heating bills.