Paint solar panels right on to a house

Fri, 06/20/2014 - 10:05

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money, and this often causes them to cross paths with efficient, sustainable technologies. Innovations that are eco-friendly tend to save people money when implemented in a house. Floor heating utilizing radiant heat is much more effective than conventional methods of warming, because it limits the amount of energy needed. However, many other methods that help homeowners save on their electric bills use clean energy such as the wind and sun.

Solar panels have come a long way since their inception, but they're still too pricey for everyone to have them. Although, a team of researchers at the University of Toronto may have recently found a way to make solar energy much more affordable as well as easier to install, according to CNET.

The technology to make it happen

The researchers have created nanoparticle​s called colloidal quantum dots that don't lose any of their electrons after being exposed to the air, reported Inhabitat. Their rate of sunlight conversion is very effective, standing at 80 percent.

Though there is still a way to go, this innovation lays the framework for further developments that could revolutionize the solar power industry.

"This is a material innovation, that's the first part, and with this new material we can build new device structures. Iodide is almost a perfect ligand for these quantum solar cells with both high efficiency and air stability—no one has shown that before," said Zhijun Ning, who led the research team, stated the source.

A fresh coat of paint

The possibilities for this technology are endless when applied to standard households. These colloidal quantum dots are so small they can be painted onto roof shingles and other surfaces, according to Energy Biz. The idea is that once the "solar paint" dries, it forms a connected web of circuitry of tiny solar cells.

As this technology develops further, it may offer a much more cost-effective solution for solar energy compared to panels while also pleasing those worried about the aesthetic aspect. Over time, it's becoming easier for homeowners to adapt their houses to eco-friendly methods that can drastically lower the cost of maintaining a household. All of the bills coming in the mail have green solutions that can accumulate savings over time that result in lasting differences to people's lifestyles. They only have to use them.