Creative materials for houses

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 07:22

As more and more homeowners begin the quest to achieving a sustainable house, you see people using their imaginations when it comes time for construction. While it's always very beneficial to strive for the best heating system by using innovations like radiant heaters to save money over time and limit the waste of natural resources, you can begin your journey for an eco-friendly impact on your environment right from the inception of your home. Building your house from recycled materials is a great way to take back a small piece of the world already discarded and turn it into a positive influence on the surrounding area. A house from the junkyard

When you use recycled materials, you save money on the costs of new building components. Jetson Green reported on a new house built in Berkeley, Calif., where a married couple who happen to both be architects designed a house for their daughter. The only thing is it was made out of old car parts. Using reused pieces of cars and discarded furniture, the Wanaselja family constructed a solar-powered, curved house with its own rainwater system.Doing even more

The Wanaseljas are not the only ones who see the value in making houses out of salvaged materials. Some even have made it their job to do it on a grander scale. Dan Phillips has made it his duty to give families suffering from difficult economic times a cheaper housing option. With his movement called The Phoenix Commotion, Phillips builds houses out of everything from bottles to license plates. 
The houses are meant to be as cost-effective as possible while also energy efficient and being strong and structurally sound, according to Inhabitat. Phillips' main goal is to give everyone a home, but it just goes to show you that the house doesn't have to be made from brand new materials to be comfortable.

Although both styles of house are different, they each integrate the principles of being as cost effective and sustainable as possible. This results in a home that doesn't cost as much to upkeep and that leaves a much smaller carbon footprint on the ecosystem around it than other houses. By incorporating modern advances in technology and reusing building materials, you can construct the perfect house for your wallet and the world.