The hotter it is, the colder your drink with Coca-Cola's new bio cooler

Thu, 06/12/2014 - 11:55

Water is used in radiant heaters to provide an efficient way to heat homes by using as little energy as possible, but a new cooler design by Coca-Cola and Leo Burnett Colombia has found a way to make the resource do the complete opposite with even less energy, according to The Green Optimistic.

Radiant heat uses water to transfer warmth between surfaces, but the bio cooler by Coca-Cola harnesses the power of evaporation to keep drinks cold within. The whole process only requires water, providing a highly effective method for cooling that works better the hotter the location of the cooler is, reported Inhabitat. The bio cooler was tested out in the scorching town of Aipir, Colombia, where temperatures can reach as high as 115 degrees Fahrenheit and the people there often don't have a reliable source of electricity.

The catalyst for this refrigeration process in the bio cooler is thanks to a small garden on top of it containing nothing but simple plants and soil. When the plants are watered and the liquid evaporates, the process cools the chamber below where the beverages are stored, stated Gizmag. A second method is also employed within the chamber involving a mirror that focuses sunlight to convert gas to liquid, resulting in additional cooling. The cooler uses the power of sun and water, just like a radiant heat design, except with reverse results. Either way, the effect is a sustainable alternative to the electricity-sucking refrigerators that cost a pretty penny to power.

This bio cooler design could be the first step in the development of an entire new type of green technology. If it's expanded and applied to homes around the world, people may one day have the solutions available to them where they can both heat their houses and cool their food using as little energy as possible with primarily sun and water.