Have you considered a hybrid house?

Wed, 03/06/2013 - 07:37

There are a lot of building options available to a potential homeowner. Pre-existing, new, prefab, sustainable and more are just a few of the characteristics you will have to decide on before you buy a house. However, have you considered a hybrid home? The Globe and Mail reports that hybrid homes that combined the best of the prefab and custom-built construction worlds is now a possibility. Now, you can own a home that combines the advantages of factory prefabrication, like no weather delays, quick turnaround, less material waste and pre-approvals of electrical and plumbing, with the advantages of building a custom home - site specific modification and the ability to select finishes. 
Gary Yen and his wife Maggie Ma are currently living in one of these prefab hybrid homes and love it. The modernist-styled home competes in looks with some of the more expensive, custom-built properties that dot the Toronto skyline, but at a fraction of the cost. Those who gaze upon the property are unable to tell that the property is a prefab creation because of the numerous custom touches added to the house, including a mezzanine level, a sculptural staircase, massive windows and an Italian-styled kitchen. 
The home also includes a radiant floor heating system. The eco-friendly solution can be easily installed in a prefab home while the unit is being manufactured and allows for you to reduce your utility bills. Just think of the operational savings as an investment for the future. Reducing the carbon footprint associated with the property could be an attractive option to you if you are concerned about keeping a home that is environmentally friendly.