Green homeowner group

Thu, 11/07/2013 - 07:48

Homeowners across the United States are researching and investing in sustainable technologies. The adoption of eco-friendly technologies is increasing across the nation as homeowners become more comfortable and knowledgeable about the return on investment. 
New York homeowners invest in solar technology
The New York cities of Asheville and Brooklyn have more than hipsters in common. Black Mountain News reported that both cities favor electricity provided by the sun. The Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute, Solarize Asheville has closed its six-week campaign during the second week of October. The campaign aimed to get as many people to sign up for the installation of solar panels on their roofs. 
According to the news source, 368 people signed the petition for Solarize Asheville, while Solarize Brooklyn signed about 370. So far about 13 homeowners have already signed contracts and final contracts are expected to be signed by February 28. A majority of the other people are expected to sign for a solar panel installation in the next year. 
"By February, we're looking at generating $2.23 million in new clean energy investments with this project," said Katie Bray, the nonprofit project's program director, according to the news source. "We've reduced the price of residential solar photovoltaics for the pilot customers by 30 percent, and we've proven that demand is high for clean energy in this market." 
Colorado home features energy efficient technology
A Colorado horse ranch just 25 minutes west of Fort Worth was designed by San Antonio-based Flat Architects. The Star-Telegram reported that the award winning design features unique beauty and energy-efficient technology. The horse facility sits on 34 acres of land and features an impressive complex of paddocks, three barns, indoor and outdoor arenas, a tiered water features, cattle pens, an industrial-sized workshop, workout room, hay barns, entertainment pavilion, foreman's house and staff housing. 
Many of the afore mentioned buildings on the property have been outfitted with sustainable materials and technologies to reduce operating costs. The main house is an impressive display of historic architecture with a sweeping staircase, a large balcony and exposed rafters. 
To improve the comfort felt within the house, a radiant floor heating system was installed underneath the various flooring materials found inside the home. According to the news source, this was combined with high R-value insulation to improve the operational efficiency of the structure. A radiant floor heating system uses less traditional energy sources like oil or natural gas to keep a home at a consistent temperature. The technology deploys heat more directly than traditional solutions that use radiators, vents or baseboard units. As a result, a homeowner can reduce the temperature the thermostat is set at, which decreases the need to consume energy. 
In addition, the utility solution is able to be installed under a wide range of flooring options. From natural stone to hardwood floors, this system is the ideal solution for homeowners who want to have the greatest versatility in their design choices. This allows an interior designer to create a space that doesn't rely on the location of heating units for furniture placement. 
The Star-Telegram reported that when combined with high-quality insulation, a radiant floor heating system reduces the chance of heat loss occurring. This in combination with the other qualities makes the solution ideal for a homeowner who wants to reduce the operating expenses related to running a home of any size.