Green Building

New York developers utilize radiant heating, green products to increase value of homes

Fri, 07/13/2012 - 17:59

The real estate market is influenced by the ever-changing preferences of potential homebuyers, and the current trend of greening residences has not been lost on developers. Many new projects are centered around a sustainable and energy efficient approach in order to up the asking price and increase the value of properties.
The New York Times reported that environmentally concious consumers have led developers to investigate the merits of sustainable housing projects, as the drawbacks of having a large carbon footprint is becoming an issue in wealthier communities.
Not having radiant heating or similar technologies is almost like wearing a scarlet letter in places like Westchester County, New York, and families are increasingly looking to outdo their neighbors in terms of energy emission and cost reduction.
While energy efficiency is important to these residents, LEED-certification has yet to catch on, due to the associated paperwork and increased construction cost.
Sean Murphy, a co-owner of a construction firm in the area, noted that "contractors and architects are reluctant to approach clients - even Wall Streeters - with the whole [LEED] package, and instead suggest energy-efficient windows, foam insulation and sometimes geothermal heating and cooling systems, which offer a faster payback on their investment."
Radiant heating systems, especially those from companies such as Warmboard, are excellent ways for consumers to lower their carbon footprint and cut long-term operating costs.
Warmboard radiant heating systems help to lower the amount of energy needed to provide heat to a home, as they are built with highly conductive aluminum paneling, which allows the product to heat water going through the subfloor piping system without as much of an energy expenditure as systems from their competitors.