Green Building

Washington builder touts use of geothermal heating systems

Thu, 04/19/2012 - 09:49

Geothermal heat pumps are gaining popularity as an efficient source of heat and energy for homes, according to Jon Girod, a homebuilder based in Vancouver, Washington.

The Daily Journal of Commerce Oregon reported that Girod has built homes for more than two decades, but he has spent the majority of the last four years trying to incorporate green building practices and technology into his projects. He noted that geothermal heat pumps are an efficiency feature that many of his customers are now asking for, as the alternative energy source is gaining traction due to rising fuel prices.
"It’s amazing how well this stuff works," he told the news source. "Buyers of homes, especially on acreage, are really going for it."

The building expert noted that the use of geothermal technology is a great long-term investment for homeowners, as the upfront costs are easily repaid to the owner through the long-term energy savings.

"You can come up with tremendous savings, and the payback time is usually only a few years," Girod told the news source.

The pipes extract warmth from the soil and can sometimes distribute the heat through a conventional duct system. However, the use of a more efficient heating system can maximize on the energy-saving potential of the technology.

Linking the geothermal pump to a Warmboard radiant heating system helps to provide a home with heat with a limited use of energy, as the energy efficient technology is comprised of a thin paneling and highly-conductive aluminum tubing.

This combination allows for the geothermal pump to warm the water for the heating system for a long period without the use of a significant amount of energy. This helps homeowners cut their heating costs along with saving the environment from useless emissions caused by waste.