Green Building

Virginia home combines feng shui and green technology

Tue, 05/22/2012 - 09:31

Glenda and Bob Williams are quite content with their Forest Street residence in Annandale, Virginia, as the two settled into a home that combines the calmness of feng shui with the comfort of energy efficient technologies like radiant heating.

According to the Annandale Patch, the couple had struggled to settle on one theme, so they decided to combine two practical and modern styles instead of choosing just one decorative layout for their home.

"We wanted to build a house with a theme," Bob told the news source, noting that settling on the combination theme was the best decision they made about the home. "Originally, we considered an 1850s-style lighthouse home."

Although the exterior of the home presented the biggest problem for the couple, they decided to adopt certain looks in order to differentiate it from the rest of their town.

"We didn’t want a traditional pile of bricks," said Bob. "But we also didn’t want it to look severely different from the other homes in the neighborhood."

While the outside of the home is different, the true value of the home comes from the green technology that was used. A radiant heating system was installed throughout, helping to limit energy use and providing a comfortable warmth for the two retirees.

A Warmboard radiant heating system maximizes on the efficiencies associated with radiant heating technology, as it delivers a comfortable warmth with minimal energy use. This is achieved through using highly-conductive paneling, thus requiring less heat for the water that is pumped throughout the system.

Warmboard radiant heating systems help to eliminate waste, reduce the energy use for a home and also limit the temperature difference throughout any room. While other products may unevenly distribute warmth, this technology limits the difference between the floor and ceiling.